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Film Production


"Anyone who aspires to be an actor needs training and representation one way or another"

We are here to provide the representation, skills and tools necessary for an actor to develop a career in acting and to be confident to create and develop their talent in a supportive environment where no one is afraid to take a risk and be able to challenge themselves and reach their full potential as an actor.

Our team and mentors are industry professionals with many years of experience who between them have appeared in film tv and theatre and taught at many top  drama schools.

"Respect for acting Uta Hagen"

Come and change your life journey follow the actor in you.

Get ready for your life changing experience, now it’s your turn.

The facts
Film Student


What's needed for you to be an actor in a competitive and rewarding environment.

Everyone who aspires to be an actor needs training and representation in order to develop their desire. The birth-right of talent is not enough to become an artist.

As an agency, our job is to find the opportunities and provide the skills and tools necessary for an actor to create, to imagine, to trust, to learn branding and to respect acting.

Film Set

LLP Management

Our focus is not only assisting you in Branding yourself but also creating your personal image and teaching internal awareness from the mind, physical, voice and spacial awareness aspects of acting for the big screen.

By combining the techniques of the greats such as Uta Hagen, and with modern day TV and film Techniques our actors can and are able to develop and achieve their goals to become a professional screen actors.

Looking forwards to representing you in your new career.

The mission
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